Holiday spirit

Uncategorized,3 September 2014
Finally I got the pictures loaded and Im able to share a little bit of our experience of our stay here in Samos. I have travelled to Greece many times before, and my all time favorite destination is Oia in Santorini, but I have fallen in love with Samos as well, especially our hotel! 
I love greeks (ok, maybe not so much some peoples attitude in Athens;)), the white beautiful buildings, the food and the music! Even tho I usually never want to travel to the same place more than once, I keep finding myself in Greece, and I want to come back already! 
So far, we’ve just been taking it easy and I think that will be the spirit of the entire week. It’s impossible to get enough of good food, pastries at breakfast (I’m on holiday ;P!), girl talk over too many cups of coffee, sun bathing, swimming, walks along the beach and hugs and laughter with baby Greta <3. I am really enjoying myself and so are the two other girls!
You wish and I deliver, so here we go!
I told you I’d be taking LOTS of pictures.


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