happy new year

Fashion,Outfit,30 October 2017

Survived the weekend and feeling hopeful and excited towards this new week (and life in general). I have a long list of tasks to check off including everything from halloween parties, schoolwork (overload), interviews, emails, running errands and of course my daughters birthday party. I’m not really a party planner, but something in me has come alive because during the weekend I made the decision to arrange a birthday party for myself in January. I never celebrate my birthdays, but turning 30 is a good excuse for a get-together isn’t it?

Being too “busy” to party and hang out with your friends just isn’t cool. As we all know what we fill up our lives with the things we prioritize, therefore I’m realizing I should stop searching for a free spot to get a workout in. Instead, I should really tag along with my friend who’s been trying to get me out of bed on Friday night to sing karaoke, book that early morning brekkie with bestie and gossip on the phone a little bit more often with my sisters. This is my New Years resolution starting now!

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