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Outfit,28 February 2015

Good afternoon! Is it 5 o’ clock already? I can’t believe how fast this day has passed by once again! I just wanted to say hello and ask you how you’re doing? I was working all day yesterday and today I’ve already been in Porvoo, posed in front of the camera, eaten a yummy dinner and now it’s time to sing a few songs for Greta before it’s math time once again :/.

Yesterday I got the most inspiring and motivating email. It made me incredibly happy but also so proud of humanity. There are so many talented, sweet, kind and intelligent people around us! I love that I  continuously meet new interesting and wonderful people. I am so grateful to get richer and richer in terms of friends that I know I’ll have for life. To have nice people around me makes my days so much more fun. Thank you dear email writer for sharing your story <3.

Here is a little sneak peek of today’s outfit. I’ll share the rest with you tomorrow ;=).


_MG_1346 (kopio)

Picture by Dora Dalila 


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  • Sofia

    Ja kiitos kysymästä, täällä voidaan ihan hyvin:)) Tosin flunssasta ja korvatulehduksesta tervehtyen, mutta muuten rauhallista viikonloppua viettäen. Huomenna sunnuntaina ajattelin ottaa aikaa ja maalata jotain.. Tai itseasiassa ideaa ainakin sävyistä on jo mielessä:)
    Paljon iloa, inspistä ja motivaatiota sinulle työn- ja ohjelmantäyteisiin päiviin.

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