Good day

Fashion,Outfit,1 December 2018

I can’t even start to describe my mood right now but going to try anyways ;). This week has been crazy effective, and I can now happily announce that I’ve handed in my last school paper of the year! Feels like I’m free as a bird. Now I’m going to enjoy working on all my upcoming work projects like if there was no tomorrow. Woohoo!

I’m celebrating all the way from Zürich btw. I’m here for both pleasure and business as usual and I also booked a trip back to Paris. I’m feeling so good right now in every way. It’s partially also because it’s the only few days of the month without either my period, pms or pos (pre-ovulation symptoms), but I’m celebrating everything right now, mostly because I feel so inspired. I also found my way back to yoga this week, which equals therapy. Yoga clears my head and vision as well as helps me find focus and calmness. Everyone needs yoga.

This somewhat crazy outfit I wore the other day is a result of me celebrating how good I feel. Quite unsure of what I feel about it today, but at last it’s wild and unserious, which is always good. Even my hoodie agrees with me by stating: GOOD DAY. It can’t get any clearer.

coat kooples// skirt and hoodie monki (gifted)// bag chanel// earrings glitter// shoes zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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