Glada Vappen

Uncategorized,30 April 2016
Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Glada Vappen! This day couldn’t get any better. Every week we eagerly wait for Saturday to come. That means a new episode of my daughters favorite cartoon. We park ourselves in the living room, eat breakfast and drink coffee together, while we wait for it to begin. When it finally comes on she starts by pointing out which one of the characters she and the rest of the family are. The excitement is beyond huge.

Today we’ll walk around town, buy balloons for our children and later it’s time to kick off the barbecue season at my mom’s. Thank Goodness for holiday celebrations. I find the biggest joy in celebrating with my kiddo’s. Vappu has always been my cup of tea. Who wouldn’t like wearing crazy costumes, do pranks, get high on sugar and buy a load of unnecessary stuff? Once a child always a child.

Picture by Dora Dalila


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