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Fashion,6 December 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö KappAhlin kanssa// Paid collaboration with KappAhl

Let’s start by wishing Finland and everyone a happy Independence Day! I’ve had some busy but festive days behind me. I co-hosted an event for my partner KappAhl, so we went on a little getaway to Hanko. I’ve never been to Hanko Spa before, and I have to say it’s the most beautiful spa environment I’ve experienced in Finland so far. We wanted to arrange a pampering day filled with soft girl time and I think we succeeded pretty well. This month is the most hectic for all us Influencers, therefore I wanted to make sure we all got to relax and spend carefree time together without a tight schedule and pressure to produce material. Luckily, we had Juuli with us to capture highlights from the day.

The day started with spa time and everyone got to enjoy a lovely facial and massage. After that we had a couple of hours to just chill, snack, work and get ready for dinner. We enjoyed a three-course meal at Brasserie Regatta and indulged in a plate filled with the best desserts. After that, we changed into our pajamas because the child in me wanted to end the night with a PJ party and sing star in the suite. I had the best time and I hope the girls enjoyed themselves as well!

Yesterday morning we invited the day by doing yoga in the sunrise followed by a nice and long breakfast.

After getting back home I continued the day by picking up the kids from daycare early, because later me and my husband went for dinner and a pre-Christmas party at our friends. Today we’re going ice-skating and invited for Independence Day lunch at my in-laws.

Ps. all outfits featured in the post can be found at KappAhl.

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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