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Fashion,personal,3 January 2015
anine bing 3

Remember this post I made about my personal source of fashion inspiration? Here comes another one…

LA based designer, artist, mother and blogger Anine Bing is yet another favorite when it comes to fashion. Her style is way more relaxed than mine but she always looks great and her blog is a fun mixture of everyday life, fashion and motherhood. AND she is a Chanel fanatic ;)!

I mostly follow foreign fashion blogs. I like that these women are a little bit more “mature” than most of the Finnish fashion bloggers who usually are teens or in their early twenties. Anine Bing is a great source of inspiration because she seems to make it all work. She is following her dreams while she seems like a great and loving mother for her children. Visit her blog here!

Get to my last blog recommendation here!

anine bing anine bing 5 anine bing4Pictures from Anine’s World


  • Riina

    Hui, kuinka hän on laiha :/ Valitettavasti se on ainoa asia, joihin huomoi ainakin näissä kuvissa kiinnittyy!!!

  • Miss T

    Thanks so much for the blog tip – I love her style but I didn’t know that she has a blog!

  • Anna

    She’s SO skinny it looks creepy :( Hope no one takes this kind of ladies as role model…..

  • Lily

    I think it’s very sad mums of children want to starve themselves to look like this and show off online. Terrible for their kids. It’s not true that some people are just this skinny by genes, if you really eat more and more often and more healthily (means fats too!!) you won’t look like this unwell and starving for sure. That’s my two cents.

  • Sofia Ruutu

    Olemme siis samaa mieltä.I’m so over talking about weight! Voin pahoin siitä että sitä edes kommentoidaan enään. Nyt on 2015 joten eiköhän olisi aika ymmärtää että olemme kaikki erilaisia eikä tuomita muita ulkonäön perusteella. Tuomitseminen on out! ;)

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