Gala o’ clock

Fashion,19 January 2019

On Thursday, it was time for Urheilugaala 2019, and we were so honored to be invited. I wore this amazing unique dress by Katri Niskanen and felt like Cinderella for a night. My dress was a bit different than what I usually go for with its fuller hem, but overall, I wanted to keep the look feeling like myself. I feel my best in natural makeup and carefree hairdo’s, so that’s what I went for. As soon as I find myself wearing a strict hairdo and extra everything makeup I’m not used to, I feel like I’m taking on a role I don’t know how to act :D. Anyhow, I’m so thankful for this dress that felt easy and light on, while still being so beautiful.

Everyone at the gala looked stunning and I loved seeing that everyone had made an effort and seemed to enjoy themselves. I wish I could wear princess dresses every day, but my feet seem to disagree, because they no longer enjoy hanging out in 14 cm heels for 8 hours straight. I seriously couldn’t feel my feet for about an hour afterwards.

Yesterday I cached up with work, had friends over for dinner and baked with the kids, and today, I’m trying to get this body activated again. Love that it’s so beautiful out!

Have a nice weekend!

Custom made unique dress by Katri Niskanen// Vita Liberata spray tan by Blue lagoon (sponsored treatment)// makeup and hair by L’Oréal Paris (sponsored)


Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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