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This weekend was spent at our summer cabin. I didn’t take a glimpse in the mirror and my daily walk through the forrest was pretty much the only thing on my schedule. Last weekend was spent in the oppisite way. We celebrated my dear friend Janita’s birthday. I’m so glad my mom could babysit for a little while. Janita is the sunshine herself, therefore I had to be there for her special day. I am so proud of this girl who based on her pure talent, kind heart, bubbly personality and social skills, has taken herself so far in her career already. She is only 23 and on top of it all she’s far away from home. Happy 23 to my sweet sweet friend of mine!

Pictures by Janita Autio


  • Laura

    Viime vuoden lopuissa mietit kuvaamista eri Helsingin suosituissa turistipaikoissa. Vieläkö tämä on teillä suunnitelmana, vai onko idea jo haudattu? Lukijana kaipasin myös kuvauspaikkojen nimiä postauksen loppuun, koska blogissasi on mitä erilaisempia kuvauspaikkoja.

  • -Ihan mahtavia kuvia taas kerran!

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