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Fashion,Health,Outfit,18 July 2016

I need to detox myself out of negative thoughts and feelings. As soon as I get stressed I get a stomach ache and I start to dismiss my health. Especially food wise. New week, new start. Searching for a fresh, healthy and light feeling.

It seems like smoothies, smoothie bowls and clean eating is more or less mandatory for bloggers and instangrammers, but I can’t help myself from joining the club. If there is one diet I believe in it’s clean eating. Choosing fresh seasonal foods makes me feel fresh and light from within. This in turn gives me a clearer mind and most importantly more energy. I of course can’t help myself from eating everything else “less clean” on top of that, but the more I fill myself up with nutritious foods, the less I crave sugar, salt, unhealthy fats and processed foods.

The best way for me to eat well is to throw all kinds of healthy ingredients in a blender and swirl myself a drink to go. I’m also very strict on taking my vitamins. Vitamin D, calcium and my multi vitamins are important not only for me, but also while nursing. This is pretty much my base. On top of that I make sure to eat salad with all my meals and stay away from excess salt and sugar. If I want to eat salt I eat chips. I don’t want my food to be filled with hidden sources of salt. Same applies to sugar.

Lately I find myself being slightly off track. It’s not that I eat terribly. It’s more about not being conscious enough. I want to care, therefore I want to be more alert. I’m going to follow the best rule ever. When it’s time to eat, ask yourself: is this healthy? If yes, go for it. If no, perhaps better to eat a bit less.

It’s so important to care for ourselves. In one way or another. We can’t do everything perfectly, but what we can do is choose areas to work on when we need it.  This time it’s time to do whatever I can for my health. So that I have the best odds to feel good both in my body and mind.

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dress mango// shoes adidas (gifted)// bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio


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