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Fashion,Outfit,1 December 2016

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Anyone else who comes up with one outfit and repeatedly wears it for days? I searched forever for the perfect pair of leather pants. Now when I’ve found them I’ve come to realize I’m much more of a leather pant kind of girl than denim. Loving the buttery smooth look and when the quality is this good they feel amazing on. This look has been one of my most worn this fall and winter. Boots with a chunky block heel, soft cashmere and one of my favorite casual yet appropriate looking coats. So easy, versatile and comfy.

If anyone else is contemplating whether to invest in a pair of leather pants I highly recommend trying on as many pairs as possible. This must be my sixth or seventh pair I’ve tried on along the years. The reason why I love these are that they stretch and feel comfortable without compromising in style. I can sit, squat and crawl on the floor yet they still keep their shape without getting slouchy. Also, they don’t make my legs feel claustrophobic! Kind of important I think, but that’s just me ;).

Pictures by Janita Autio


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