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Outfit,2 February 2017
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Yabadabadoooo! Thought I’d share a little video I completely forgot I had hidden in my archive. It’s from earlier this winter on one of those days when it was freezing cold outside. I feel like I’ve been so busy with all kins of collaborations and projects (aka stomach flu to name a one) I can’t keep track of all the material I produce. Especially when keeping my desktop neat and clean isn’t my forte. It’s an embarrassment really.

Today I’ve had a lovely meeting at one of my favorite spots while enjoying a cozy breakfast and sniffing on wonderful skincare products. I’ve become a skincare nerd to say the least. Opening up a new jar eager to see what kind of miracles it promises and lives up to is at the top of my list of favorite things. It’s one of those bloggers benefits (or downsides when you lend your face to be a guinea pig to all kinds of products and brands)  to get to try new products on the market before anyone else. Dangerously hooked!


video by Sebastian Kammonen

pictures by Janita Autio


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