forecast for spring

Beauty,Fashion,9 February 2018

Spring is in the horizon and for the first time in a long time I feel excitement towards what we have infant of us, trend-wise. Here is my fashion forecast:

Curls. Super curly perms are back! Who would have ever guessed it would look so refreshing, playful and simply just Good after a decade of trying to achieve those perfect Victoria’s secret waves? I’m thrilled, but will contain myself from booking an appointment for myself.

Scarves. Scarves tied around the neck, head, ponytail or worn as a belt is for sure one of the biggest trends right now. This is super easy and doesn’t cost a thing. Go feel market or second-hand shopping or go for splurge on a timeless luxurious scarf from your favorite brand.

White boots. Teenage year flashbacks! I had a pair of white pointy toed boots in snakeskin imitation that I wore during my first legal years in nightclubs. I found them a couple of years ago and swore I’d never return to that style again… Just ordered this pair above from Top Shop.

Slip dresses. Love love love slinky slip dresses. I wear mine with sweatshirts, hoodies, cozy knits or over a turtle necktie or button up. This is a classic piece and my number one pick this spring/summer.

Headbands. Thankful for everything that gives my hair a pick-me-up, but honestly, I suck at wearing anything decorative in my hair. Maybe you’re better? Go for fun and big headbands with beads and pearls and wear it in untouched hair for a casual and cool look.

Scrunchies. The best! It’s like letting your poor hair change into sweats after a long day in tight jeans. I’m still a bit shy towards this trend, but went for the subtle black ones from KappAhl and absolutely love wearing them.

Hoodies and sweatshirts. I lived in hoodies worn with matching jersey headbands during my years in elementary school. This time I’m going to pair it with a slip dress and heels for a more grown up feeling.

Hoops. Totally up my alley! I have always loved hoops, but I want them to be not too big and definitely not too small. Gold is my pick per usual.

Beige beige everything beige. Beige is back and the more the merrier.

The no makeup look. One may think it’s always been more or less ideal, but now it’s a much more imperfect and raw version. Good skin is always in, but that’s easier said than done, therefore I suggest going for good natural brows, good base products that enhances glow (!) and skip on the Kardashian style contouring and smoky eyes.

Sets. Wearing a complete set looks put together and is super trendy right now. Pajama and kimono inspired sets, suites worn casually and also denim with denim. Anything works. Party tip for anyone who feels uncomfortable in a dress and heels!

Lilac. A color that has been more or less bullied by every other color is now hotter than ever. I kind of like it as long as it’s dirty/ smoky lilac, but I think I’ll try to stay away from clean pastels as long as I can.

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