Fields of gold

Beauty,Work,14 September 2015

A few weeks ago I met up with London based photographer J. Tuliniemi, who’s work I’ve admired from a distance for some time already. We took all kinds of pictures and decided to meet up again and drive to the country side to catch the last of summer. How great it is to be privileged to constantly work with extremely talented and wonderful people. Best of all is of course when work doesn’t feel like work and everything feels relaxed and we have a good time.

These pictures are just an early preview of what’s yet to come. Looking at these brings me back to the beautiful golden sunset in the middle of calm never ending fields. Such a gorgeous evening.

JTuliniemi_SofiaR_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_11 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_08 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_09


Pictures by J. Tuliniemi



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