Faux Father’s day

Fashion,Outfit,11 November 2016

Today we celebrated Father’s day since it’s Greta’s birthday on the actual day. How lucky is she to have the best father on earth for her and her brother. The best thing I’ve ever done is choose him as a partner and father for my children. Luckily he chose me too. It’s nothing to take for granted. It really isn’t.

Other than feeling extra thankful I’ve spent time with Janita who’s finally back from her trip to Bali. Yes I’m jealous! Especially since I missed her and she looks incredibly fresh with sun kissed cheeks. We barely managed to get work done because all I wanted was to hear everything about her trip. Luckily her sister took a few pictures of us together as well. Now I’m off to spend some time with my sister and her kiddo’s, before it’s time to relax and welcome the weekend.

Ps. I’m truly obsessed with this ethical fur coat by Marita Huurinainen (read more about it here)! I want to wear it to bed. Actually, I think I will.

sofia-ruutu-ootd20161105_1791 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161105_1805 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161105_1797 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161105_1795

coat marita huurinainen// leather jacket samsoe&samsoe// jeans cubus// boots zara// bag chanel


Pictures by Dora Dalila

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