Fancy Friday

Fashion,Outfit,20 October 2017

In collaboration with Katri Niskanen// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Katri Niskasen kanssa

Fancy Friday has always been a winning concept. Much more inspiring than casual Friday. Fancy to me can mean many things, for example newly washed hair, lipstick or in the best of worlds a brand new outfit. This set by Katri Niskanen made my heart beat a little bit faster when I saw it on the website. Especially since I have a weakness for outerwear and matching sets .This shade of beige is the most flattering shade for my Scandinavian skin tone. And this hat, how adorable? They also have a rich and warm woolen turban that I love. Turbans in general are high on my wish list right now. I’ve always liked them.

Today the sun is shining and the air is cold. Winter is paying a visit. The time has come to plan my daughters birthday party, contemplate between advent calendars and bake gingerbread cookies. I start early, because I take every opportunity life throws at me to enjoy the processes and luxuries of everyday life. Goals and dreams are what makes me get up in the morning. However, what happens during the process is what feels like a reward every night. My process among many other wonderful things includes rearranging the home (yes, again) and incorporate new recipes into our weekly menu. How about you?

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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