Family First

Motherhood,personal,2 November 2014

Sunday, oh how I’ve waited for this day to come. I think (!?) my family is getting reunited today and that is worth celebrating! I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed  him<3!

Yesterday was a memorable and special day. It was my fathers birthday and my baby girl took her first steps <3. I instantly felt like she’s growing up way too fast and I wish I could be a kangaroo and put her back in my belly for a little while ;D. I can’t believe this year has gone by so fast, but at the same time I can’t remember my life before my daughter. My life has become so much more meaningful and every day is a day to remember now a days <3.

All I know is that family is everything that matters, and by family I mean all the people (and of course Lilo <3) in my life that I love and care about all the way to the moon and back! It doesn’t matter where I am, because I always feel that I have people that love who care and support me. Just knowing that is enough and I always want them to know that I’m there for them as much as they for me. All the people I have in my life has made me who I am today, and without them I would be lost. I am also grateful and lucky to be able to bring my child into the most wonderful family on earth! We are surrounded by so many different personalities and I think it’s a great gift for Greta to get to know and experience such a big variety of people. Getting to know so many different worlds and values is a wealth in life she’ll get far with.

Now I’m gonna get back to cleaning while listening to my new obsession Jon Henrik Fjällgren!



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