Fashion,27 May 2019

This past weekend was accidentally perfect. It rained all weekend, but we managed to come up with fun activities for the entire family, with a manageable amount of conflicts ;). Last night we visited my sister and her family and enjoyed taco’s and pancakes with Nutella. Today, the kids woke up late and I’ve had a good work day today. Later this week I’m visiting my daughter’s pre-school, trying acupuncture and celebrate my grandfather on his big day. Hoping for sun and a couple of days at the cottage.

These pictures from Cannes were taken on the go just before we attended a workshop with the theme #metoo and sexual harassment. I get emotional, angry and upset every time I hear a speech or presentation about the subject, see statistics and facts. I’ve done so much research and school work around the subject and every time it shocks me, how crazy it is, that our society and culture has gotten used to some patterns and standards and stop questioning them. Instead, we keep passing these certain behaviors forward, both consciously and unconsciously.

Anyhow, this is how I look when I’m travelling… I stare at my phone about 7h/ day and when I’m not on my phone, I’m in front of a camera, behind it or on my laptop. To be honest, my eyes have been aching a little bit ever since I got home. They’ve developed an iPhone allergy, I guess. Screen time over dose…

Speaking of the devil, this lovely bag of mine can’t fit my iPhone. It was a very practical purchase… #facepalm

dress kappahl// bag louis vuitton// shoes zara// earrings sofiaruutu x gauhar

Pictures Juuli Rönkä


  • Mami

    Du måste ha en mindre telefon eller större väska.. Det där funkar ju inte :-)

  • Lisa

    Sofia, this is so good stuff. I’ve been waiting for someone to confess buying a bag that doesn’t fit a phone (which apparently can be easily checked at the time of a purchase).

    I have such bags too and I have evening dresses with pockets too 😂😂

    You look wonderful and I love reading your posts

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Haha, well here I am. I feel the need to confess that I knew it didn’t fit, but purchased it anyways, because I love love love it :D. When it comes to fashion, I am everything but practical. Functionalities don’t really even cross my mind. I mean, have you seen the shoes I wear, haha :D.

      I would so have needed a gown with pockets in Cannes! I had to ask someone to hold my phone while on the red carpet ;)!!!


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