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Beauty,13 October 2015

I usually always use an eye brow pencil when I want to fill out my brows but now I’ve found a product I won’t  give up easily. I’ve read about this eye brow powder from the makeup brand Anastasia many times, and now I finally decided to order one for myself. The shade is medium ash, which turned out to be the perfect shade for me. Not too brown and not too grey. Usually I find powders not to be as well lasting as a pencil, but this one lasts all day without shedding or fading.


I prefer my brows to look as natural as possible and I’m not a fan of overly done and painted brows. I myself have quite thin and small brows naturally, even though I’d like them to be fuller, longer and a bit more messy.

When I want to make an effort for my brows to look polished, I always start by using a comb or brush (toothbrush works perfectly) to get the shape I desire. After that I apply the brow powder with an angled brush. I simply fill in the brows following their natural form. I want my brows to start and end softly without sharp edges, which is why I don’t try to correct the size or shape too much. I simply fill out empty spots.

I finish of by fixating with a brow gel (any gel works as well, doesn’t have to be brow gel) or by spraying some hair spray on the brush. This specific powder is absolutely the best one I’ve tried so far and I can highly recommend it. However it is important to also remember the importance of a good brush to apply the color with. I always prefer brushes with natural hair to maximize a natural and soft outcome.


Brow powder from Anastasia medium ash  (get it here)




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