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Beauty,6 February 2016

Right now when I spend most of my time with a clean face I try to pay extra attention to my skin care routine. My skin is dry-dryer-Sofia, which is why I’m pulling out my best jars to give my poor face the moisture it so badly craves.

Below I’ve collected my dry skin sos saviors, long time favorite lip balm and my favorite scent of the moment.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160113_6418 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160113_6412

Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. A true legend and my all time favorite. I’ve been using this for as long as I remember. I love how it smells and I always have a tube laying on the night stand next to me. No other balm makes my lips as soft as this cream and I love to wear it also as a gloss during daytime. It is as essential to me as brushing my teeth before going to bed. Without it I can’t fall asleep.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160113_6413

Pinks Boutique Rose Face And Body Balm. A perfect balm that softens my skin immediately. I apply it on my face, neck and chest right after my evening cleanse.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160113_6416

Pinks Boutique Anti Aging Serum. I believe in being proactive. So whenever I have time I apply this serum underneath the balm for added nourishment.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160113_6415

The Organic Pharmacy Honey& Jasmine Mask. I’ve already praised this brand here, and I’m still a loyal and committed user. This mask is wonderful. During these times when my skin is at it’s driest, I actually occasionally use this mask as a night cream. It is very rich, but if you only apply a thin layer it is perfect. My skin is smooth as a baby’s butt the morning after.

Pinks Boutique and Organic Pharmacy products can be found here.

Right now I’m hooked on my old friend  Miss Dior Cherie when I want a little dose of luxury. One light touch is enough, and I prefer to wear it behind my ears.


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