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Fashion,Outfit,1 August 2016
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You know that feeling when you love and admire other peoples looks and styles? I do that a lot. I get so inspired from others and people watching is one of my favorite hobbies. Even though I’m quite adventures and really open minded there are a few trends that don’t belong on me. This outfit is a good example of that. How cool don’t all the pictures on Instagram look featuring fashionistas from all over the world wearing this oh so trendy combo? A slip dress or top over a simple tee or shirt.

I remember wearing jersey spaghetti strap dresses over a tight tee shirt in elementary school, therefore I just had to re-live this fashion comeback once again. I love that I’m old enough to live through trends that come around for a second spin. It’s such a cool and awakening feeling of how the human mind works. So easily manipulated.

This outfit pretty much made me feel like a little girl agin. I think I’m over this combination now and forever, but who knows, a girl can always change her mind again and again.

Pictures by Janita Autio

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