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Food,Health,23 September 2015

When I studied nutrition I became very familiar with kale. It is one of the most nutritious leafy greens on the market and I love to incorporate this vegetable into all kinds of foods. I add it to my smoothies, salads, I make chips and love to use it as a side with fish or chicken.

Benefits of Kale

Filled with antioxidants

Cleansing and detoxifying


High in calcium, iron and fiber

High in Vitamins K, A and C

Great for cardiovascular support

Lowers risk of asthma and high blood pressure

Zero fat

Low in calories

Good for skin and hair


Yesterday I made this warm salad for lunch. It is super easy, fast, tasty and healthy. Extremely simple, just how I like my cooking.

All you need is:







Salt & pepper

Feta cheese

Grilled Chicken

Chop the onion and pepper and stir in a pan with oil until a bit soft. Add chopped kale and just a  hint of water. Stir fry until the kale has softened a bit and wished consistent achieved. Add salt, pepper and soy sauce. Top with feta cheese and grilled chicken. Enjoy!



  • Banaani

    Täysin samaa mieltä postauksen kanssa, lehtikaali on huikea! Taisit kuitenkin tarkoittaa, että se on anti-inflammatory… :) Ihana blogi kokonaisuudessaan!

  • Sofia Ruutu

    Hmmm ehkä kannattaa ainakin välttää syödä kaaleja raakana ja yrittää syödä niitä rasvan kera, jotta sulatus prosessi hidastuisi mahdollisimman paljon :). Voit kokeilla kukkakaali sosetta johon on lisätty vähän kermaa ja voita tai parsakaalia voin kera?

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