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Fashion,Outfit,4 December 2017

In collaboration with Norlyn// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Norlynin kanssa

It’s getting cold for real now and for the first time I’m excited to get dressed in a huge down blanket as a coat and walk around feeling warm and cozy. Thankful for the puffy down jacket to literally be hotter than ever this winter!

I can’t stand long johns and to be honest I’d rather wear skiing pants than layer tights and pants on top of each other. Also, big and puffy on top paired with bulky pants at the bottom isn’t that cute. So, I prefer to match my coat with skinny jeans or if survivable- a skirt. 

As the dress and skirt person I am, I remember getting comments from you last winter suggesting I should look into merino wool stockings. Better late than never, because now when teaming up with Norlyn I for the first time realized how many options I have to choose from regarding stockings. During this fall, I’ve been wearing thinner stockings to achieve a lighter or more festive impression and thick black stockings for everyday use. I’ve also incorporated patterned stockings to make a simple piece of clothing look completely new and now I’ve found a way to keep warm and wear my favorite minis even when the temperature drops. Basically, I don’t need jeans anymore! 

It’s weird how the cold hits us as hard every year, even though we should know by now how shockingly cold it feels once it arrives, winter. These merino wool stockings have a natural looking finish and I like the look of wool which makes them very casual. They are still thin and forming because of the presence of elastane and polyamide which I like, but they keep my legs warm and breezy at the same time. I’m so happy I finally got the chance to try these, because as for someone who gets energy and a little perk every morning from getting dressed I dislike having practicalities stand in my way. Feeling good in my clothes is important, but as crucial is of course comfort. We all know how disturbing it is to wear something uncomfortable all day long. Well, no more.

Good news for you (in case you forgot) Norlyn stockings can be bought everywhere. Ok, at least almost everywhere. I buy mine at my closest supermarket and I’m sure you can too.

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