Dreamy 32

Fashion,30 January 2020

Here I am, tired from a hectic week at Copenhagen fashion week, but feeling calm and content. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday, or maybe it’s just a nice coincidence. A birthday present of peace within from the Universe to me ;).

32 is a funny number. It doesn’t represent anything really. Hence it made me realize, that sometimes tagging along with life is quite awesome just that. No big self-searching projects or crisis, just developing slowly and maybe becoming a bit more stable each year. One can wish right ;)?

Copenhagen was very nice, but stressful and busy. I had a crazy amount of content to create on top of the shows and the two first days were grey and rainy. Oh, how the weather can make everything a bit more troublesome! Luckily we managed somehow, but I feel empty on energy to say the least. We also went out last night to celebrate my birthday and I only got 2,5 hours of sleep before it was time to get up. So, now I’m all tucked up on the couch in-between my children and I swear I’ll be sleeping before them tonight.

Hope your week has been good too?

See you soon!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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