Fashion,14 August 2019

Shit how difficult it is to leave two sad kids in the morning. I wish we could spend every second together, every day, but I know it isn’t possible. Even though mornings like these leave me feeling a bit low and sad all day, all I can do is try to occupy myself with work and other to-dos. So today, I’m shooting with Juuli who decided to bring her dog to work, before it’s time to go shopping for Greta’s upcoming ballet classes.

Here I am in my new favorite suuuper oversized shirt, new shorts and the most perfect velvet bag, trying to drown my sorrows of how much I miss my children with some dog love instead.

And yes, she’s a little diva and sun loverrr ;). My best poodle friend in the world.

shirt and shorts Weekday// bag Samsoe&Samsoe// shoes Converse

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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