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Health,Outfit,26 May 2018

Did you achieve your dream body for the beach 2018 or are you still hoping to get there? What I’ve learned or at least I try to keep in mind, is that there isn’t such a thing for me. No matter what shape I’m in I’m always as satisfied/ unsatisfied. All I know is that age is the only thing that manages to do magic and of course having a good conscious about living a balanced and healthy life with exercise, healthy foods and moderate amount of indulgent.

At one point, I was very aware of every nutrient I put into my body and took healthy living to another level. I was super excited about everything I learned in my studies within nutrition and wanted to try everything at once. Today I’m much more relaxed and feel like I have the tools to create balance. I believe that some “crap” here and there do us well in one way or another. I love my yoga and eating well, but life and the freedom to go with the flow is the more important. That being said, I’m really enjoying this time of the year when I have the time and possibility to make fresh salads and enjoy fresh fruits. Taking time to care for ourselves is the best investment.

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