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personal,25 August 2016


I love gold. Always have. Especially thinner than thin chains around my neck and golden details in my interior. Last week I spray painted some pots and I can highly recommend it. Such an easy and fun way to pimp up small jars and plates for jewelry, candles, fresh herbs etc. (I bought my spray can from K-rauta)


As a person who basically got rid of all my “regular” sheets after purchasing my first set in linen, I am rather surprised for saying this: These sheets are the best sheets I’ve ever slept in. Hotel sheet feeling to the max.


Since I don’t really love any kind of meat and know how much the meat industry stresses our earth I find myself choosing vegetarian options more frequently. In all their simplicity the bolt smoothie and sir pesto sandwich are so delicious, even though very simple to make at home.


While in high school I used to iron my jeans every morning. I still get annoyed with wrinkly clothes, but rarely have the energy or time (aka interest) to iron, therefore my shirts and silky pieces rarely get worn. I finally bough myself a hand steamer and my hopes are high!


Pink is my new favorite color. Or actually it’s always been, but now I’m loving more or less everything in soft pink. I want to go through life feeling like a ballerina. I think my daughter inspired me, since she wants to wear, eat, play and sleep in pink, and pink only.

IMG_1963 IMG_1935 IMG_1934 IMG_1965


Pictures by Janita Autio


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