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Fashion,Work,10 October 2014

Happy Friday! Have you already spotted a familiar face on the cover of Trendi magazine out in stores now !?! I have worked with Trendi many times before  and I have actually saved all of my Trendi covers through out the years. Even tho I rarely save any of my pictures featured in magazines. I Thought it would be fun to dig them all out and share with you.  I did my first cover with them about 10 years ago so it’s always fun to see how things have changed. I always say that I want to think of fashion like something fun, playful and easy. I am not scared to make any fashion mistakes and I can’t wait for my daughter to laugh at my fashion choices the way I laugh when I see my mothers old pictures with shoulder pads and crazy hairdos :D. Fashion to me is a way to express myself and present myself and therefore it shouldn’t be  so serious. :)



  • Riina


    Olisi mukava nähdä täällä sinun vanhoja mallikuviasi ja projekteja, missä olet ollut mukana. Muutenkin olisi mukavaa tietää, kuinka malleileille tarjotaan töitä. Joutuuko siinä itse etsimään vai ottaako asiakkaat yhteyttä?

  • heidi

    tunnistin heti kun kannen näin ja onpa tullut myös jo ostettua;)
    minustakin olisi kiva nähdä vanhoja mallikuviasi sekä tietenkin tuoreempiakin:)
    ihanaa päivän jatkoa sinulle sofia

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