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Right now I’m laying in bed waiting for my food to get delivered :D. I’ve been shooting a cover this morning and after rearranging the apartment and not being able to sleep after 3am I’m totally beat, but happy. Love having more space and love a bit of change. I always say one should move inside the home once a year. It’s a fact that stuff piles up with time. So, going through every single little jar, drawer and cupboard feels cleansing and de-cluttering and most of all refreshing.

I also got wild and went through and washed all the baby clothes. I’m slowly getting ready to become a mother of two, and I feel much better now when everything is organized and ready.

JTuliniemi_SofiaR_1200w_96dpi_sRGB_45 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_1200w_96dpi_sRGB_44

coat filippa k// bag saint laurent// shoes zara// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by J. Tuliniemi


  • Sienna

    Sofia olisiko mahdollista, että tekisit jossakin vaihessa muutoksia sivujesi ulkoasuun. Tuntuu, että kuvasi parevat kuukausi kuudelta, jonka vuoksi myös blogin ulkoinen asu kaipaisi päivystävä. Kiitoksia muuten hienosta blogista ja onnea tulevaan synnytykseen:) Yay vielä muistat sen postauksesi “Best Beofre Due Data”;)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei, blogini ulkomuoto kaipaa todellakin muutoksen ja se onkin ollut suunnitelmissa jo pidempään. Tällä hetkellä minulla ei vain yksinkertaisesti ole siihen aikaa, joten se saa jäädä odottamaan parempaa ajankohtaa, mutta lupaan että se toteutuu jossain vaiheessa :). Kiitos palautteesta. Antaa aina vähän lisäpotkua ;).

  • Natali

    You’re looking like a movie star! :) LOVE the sunnies btw!

  • Siiri

    More make up and clothing posting, like all the baby stuff which is getting bored already :/

    • Sofia Ruutu

      I’m so sorry you find all the baby stuff boring :(. Unfortunately (for you) these times are very baby focused for me, which is why I find it very natural for me to write about :). I love fashion and I’m very passionate about all of that, but I’m also a mother and it is my priority and largest interest in life. To stay real to not only myself but my readers as well, I find it is important to blog about my real and genuine interests. I sincerely feel it is unfortunate you find these subjects less interesting but I’m sure there are a ton of great blogs that do not talk the slightest bit about motherhood, babies and other child focused stuff. Thank you for giving me feedback! Value it a lot <3.

  • Riina

    Hei Sofia ja kiitos ihanasta blogista! Varmasti kaunein ja tyylikkäin suomalainen blogi! Voisitko kertoa mikä malli on kuvissa olevat Ray Banit? Upeat!

  • Meredith

    A day with you would be amazing!!

  • Taina

    Upeita kuvia upeasta äidistä! Mikä Ray Ban malli on kuvissa? Ihanat!

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