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I totally jinxed it when I proudly announced on Instagram Stories (follow me here) that I was going to update this blog more frequently. Since that moment forward I’ve been living in a blur. Nanny got sick, forgot the parental meeting, couldn’t make it to my important seminar at school, bad nights and mornings so early calling it morning would be way too optimistic…

A promise is a promise and that’s why I decided to stick to the plan and update now, even though it’s late and I’m getting crossed eyed. I’m so happy I found these pictures because I actually managed to inspire my very tired self. This skirt is so amazingly beautiful it inspires me to forget and forgive and jump in a pair of heels tomorrow when I attend a lunch event. Sometimes the smallest things can give so much, especially in the middle of big things called real life. Life isn’t always so glamorous, but by decorating it with a golden lining might bring a better tomorrow. At least attitude-wise and that can carry us a long way.

I know I have to learn to de-route and not stress so much if the original plan doesn’t follow. Because really, does it ever with children? Instead, I’m going to try to see it as a challenge to my creativity and guess what? things usually work out totally fine in the end. Let’s trust that.

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knit marks& spencer// skirt hm exclusive// shoes louboutin

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Lisa

    That’s funny, because I just was thinking of this exact skirt and that you haven’t worn it in a long time (at least on your blog). Soon after that, I checked your recant post and – voilà – there it is! :D

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Yes, it’s like I feel some kind of attractive force towards this skirt if I have’t just tried it on for a while even. :D

  • Kaisa

    Beautiful pictures Sofia, as always. I really admire your style and ability to mix different styles and remain always so classy ans sassy at the same time. Love it! Keep strong and have a nice autumn! And don’t worry about posting more frequently – laatu korvaa kyllä määrän ;)

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