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This checked pattern is something I strongly connect with fall, but since I recently got this coat after living with regret for not getting it last fall I felt like I needed to share my excitement with you right away. This coat was sold out, but I found it calling my name in the corner of Andiata’s sample sales about a month ago. Winner moment!

I’ve been juggling so many thoughts lately like if I should return to school next fall and how that would work. Feels like cramming more food on a plate that’s already full. Luckily things have a tendency to sort themselves out, therefore I should trust that also this time. Being scared of failure never takes us anywhere anyway.

img_3347 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170504_2987 img_3348 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170504_2974sofia-ruutu-ootd20170504_2984sofia-ruutu-ootd20170504_2960

coat and tee andiata *// jeans cubus *// shoes ecco*//  bag chanel


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