Fashion,Outfit,3 October 2019

Thinking that these pictures displaying peace and an idyllic fall scenery would be the perfect contrast to this morning. Maybe it will calm me down while writing… I’m now on the plain towards Copenhagen, but this morning, I ran around like a headless chicken while trying to pack, shower, get ready, plan outfits, clean, get the kids ready and organize all the upcoming children’s activities just for the upcoming 2 days. Perks (nooot!) of parenting in shifts, is that you need to keep the other parent up to date with everything before you switch shifts. Takes so much time to write a list of everything that’s been going on and to keep in mind. Hope hubs gets back on time today so that everything goes smoothly.

On the contrary, I am very happy to get these days in Copenhagen all for myself. I’ll have time to answer all emails, go through receipts and look over my schedule for the next weeks ahead. Things I plan to do every evening when the kids are asleep, but somehow never get done.

I’m travelling to be part of a L’Oréal Paris campaign with the other Nordic it-girls. It’s always an honor and such a pleasure to get together with this crew. Can’t believe how lucky I am to get to do all these exciting things now. When I’m 31! I really appreciate every minute. I think it feels so special to me, also because I always have my modelling years in the back of my head to look back at. Strangely, I loved it back then, but it was also very tough, especially for my head. Now, I can be myself without anyone measuring my body with their eyes when I meet them. I was also so happy to see that there was much more diversity at the catwalk during both NYC fashion week and Paris fashion week. Maybe we are changing slowly and taking more responsibility within the fashion industry after all.

Now, let’s discuss this look I’ve been wearing lately. This amazing checked coat from the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya collection is a sample I got my hands on a few weeks ago. It’s massive, but so lovely. It’s one of those pieces that saves the simplest look, and what I love the most is the very rich hem that moves so gracefully when I walk. I love maxi coats and never get tired of wearing them or talking about them, hehe.

Have a perfect Thursday!

coat Tommy Hilfiger// tee Kappahl// jeans Massimo Dutti// bag Chanel// shoes Céline

Pictures: Sara-Annika Aremo


  • Kaisa

    Hei Sofia! Ihanat asukuvat taas sinulla. Tämä on kyllä ehdottomasti yksi suosikkiblogeja jota vielä seuraan. Taattua tyyliä ja ihana fiilis postauksissasi. Kiva myös kurkistaa hieman sinun arkeesi työmatkojen ohella.
    Vaikka saan useinkin paljon vinkkejä tyylipostauksistasi niin tästä takista innostuin ihan mielettömästi. Osaatko sanoa löytyykö tuotetta esim TH:n omasta Kampin liikkeestä ja mitä sanoisit kokomitoituksesta?
    Kiitos jos ehdit vastata ja upeaa syksyä sinulle!

    • Sofia Ruutu


      kiitos paljon ihanasta palautteesta. Ilahduttaa ja lämmittää todella paljon. Tämä takki on kyllä ihana! En valitettavasti tiedä tuliko tätä Suomeen, mutta tekkaa Tommy Hilfigerin nettisivuja ja TommyxZendaya mallistoa <3.

      Ihanaa syksyä myös sinulle!

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