Vacation dreaming

Fashion,Outfit,30 October 2018

I have at least two personalities. One weekend persona and one work mode persona. This time, I realize I have split personalities in other areas as well, because I’ve started to dream about a vacation. Usually, I don’t even like travelling and find it anxiety increasing, but now I’m dreaming of a next level family vacation. Maybe, it’s time to try a completely new destination I’ve never been to before. Did you know I’ve never been to Italy? The unknown is tempting me as well as the food.

I would love to travel as a group, so my dream would be to find a villa solution, preferably with a chef- in- house opportunity, and most importantly; private pool area. So, if you have any ideas, recommendations, rumors ;) or suggestions of places to visit with a setup like this, please let me know. I would be incredibly thankful and at least, it would cheer me up a lot when googling your suggestions. It doesn’t have to be Italy, but not too many flight hours away and I’m thinking spring/summer would be perfect.

dress bymalina// blazer kappahl// bag louis vuitton// shoes pura lopez// necklace céline

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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