Busy Bee

Uncategorized,7 August 2014
Hello my lovely, sweet and absolutely wonderful readers :)! I’ve been really busy lately and that combined with way too much lack of sleep, my most precious baby and a blog constantly growing (love it!), I think it’s time for us to have “the talk”. I want to start by saying that I love each and every one of you, who take your precious time to write me or another reader for that matter, a comment! 
Your comments mean the world to me and I really really appreciate every single one of them, but now that I’ve got more and more readers, I simply have to choose, to update the blog or to answer comments? I want to answer every comment, and have so far, but I don’t think it will be possible for long anymore :(. I will still try to answer every single comment, but please know that if I don’t, it’s just because I honestly don’t have the time, not that I don’t want to or care. This doesn’t mean that you should stop commenting, and I really hope you don’t!!! Please don’t! You won’t, right ;)?


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