Uncategorized,19 April 2016

Here is a little video with some behind the scenes footage. As it shows in the clip situations vary a lot from time to time. Every photo session is different. Sometimes me and Dora enjoy a nice breakfast together whereafter we snap a couple of pictures if we feel like it. Other times there are a ton of hours of planning ahead for the shoot. What I love the most is that I can allow myself to work in a way that suits my schedule and lifestyle. I love to mix between featuring more casual posts and very planned/ set up ones. It keeps it interesting for me but real at the same time.

A big special thank you to Sebastian Kammonen from havumedia who filmed this video. He is such a sweet and funny guy. He fit perfectly into mine and Dora’s working mode and instantly got the hang of how we roll. We’ll adopt him to be part of our team anytime.


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