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personal,21 April 2016
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Last Sunday I spent a relaxed day. Me, Gabriel, Janita and Justin Bieber. We talked about planning a girls night next fall. Perhaps I am in desperate need of some togetherness with my friends or then I have a minor age crisis. To be completely honest all the 90’s fashion we are surrounded by is making me extremely nostalgic. I think back to when my entire room was filled with Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys posters. I wore those plastic chokers, brownish lipstick, spent hours on the house phone gossiping with my friends, kept a diary where I wrote about my heart breaks and wore jazz pants. What instantly comes to my mind when thinking back on my early teens are sleepovers with my friends and hanging/ arguing with my older sister. In those times of being confused about myself I had the best support from my friends.

Nothing has changed really. We still support each other in finding ourselves, but what I miss is the lack of responsibilities and believe it or not, the mood swings. The freedom to feel so extremely much and act out every feeling. With age we become so much more controlled and stable.

This time all I need is to gather all my friends, let loose and arrange a party at the Justin Bieber concert next fall. This will happen. The feeling in the arena must be magical. Maybe I’ll faint, maybe I won’t ;). Stay tuned.

Pictures by Janita Autio

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