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Fashion,Outfit,31 March 2016
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Denim is always hot for spring but what I find liberating and exciting is the variety we have in stores right now. Flared, skinny, mom jeans, boyfriend, girlfriend, distressed, unwashed, low waist, high waist and mid rise. Everything looks good and there is something for everyone. It is almost impossible to not be currant and on point if you wear a pair of jeans. My personal favorites this season are flares and grey jeans. Grey denim combined with a white tee equals perfection. Especially on men!

Earlier this spring Lindex launched their better denim collection. It is made mostly out of ecological cotton and sustainable materials. The entire production process saves water, energy and chemicals.

My pick from the collection are these casual, well fitted and soft flares. But I also really fell for a few other pieces. Especially the denim dress. Better denim is now part of Lindex continuous collection and their goal is to produce 80% of their entire selection ecologically by 2020. Who wouldn’t love that?


Pictures by Dora Dalila




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    • Sofia Ruutu

      Yritän vastata aina kun ehdin, mutta en vastaa kaikkiin sillä aika ei yksinkertaisesti riitä. En myöskään kommentoi yksityiselämääni sen kummemmin ja viime aikoina olen saanut paljon kysymyksiä liittyen asioihin joista en halua keskustella täällä blogissa.

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