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Fashion,Outfit,21 July 2018

Weekend again?! Not that it really matters, because I’ve lost count of the days anyway. Today was the first day my daughter asked me how many sleeps are left until daycare starts again. If I were to ask myself whether I like vacation or everyday life more, I’ve finally come to the conclusion, that vacation is the winner. Definitely not a no-brainer for me, but I think it’s because I still have one foot in both worlds and the freedom to be more or less active depending on the day.

However, the fact that the rest of our family are more or less on vacation is so freaking awesome! To honor our 6-year anniversary today and 11 years of intense togetherness, it’s a relief to notice we still like to hang out together closely. We have our own lives, own schedules and although it sometimes feels like we never have the time to share complete sentences with each other, it’s a relief to notice we still got it. We still got each other and if we got a chance to choose again we’d make the same exact choice, journey and story exactly the same. Congrats to us. Thanks to us!

dress haily’s// shoes louboutin// sunglasses ray ban// earrings bybiehl

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Amazing photos as always! Oh and most important: Happy Anniversary (also from my parents who celebrate their 39th anniversary today too). It’s nice to see that true love still exists in our crazy world. Hope you two had an amazing day!
    Love, Julia

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hi, thank you! Did you write to me before on our anniversary? Seems familiar :). Happy anniversary to your parents! All I can do is to hope for us to be at that same point 32 years from now <3.

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