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Sofia Ruutu OOTD

New year around the corner. New year, new opportunities, memories and experiences. It’s exciting and awakening to realize how much (knock on wood) time we have ahead of us, not knowing what we have to expect. At the end of every year I find it interesting to think back on the year that has come to an end and reflect over who I’ve become and if I’m moving towards my personal goals. I’m not a new years resolution kind of person, but I constantly strive to become a better person. I think that’s only healthy, trying to improve. However, it can be easily confused with trying to do and achieve more, which is a completely different thing.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

This year I’m not promising anything (since I’m not a fan of resolutions) but I’ve decided to really really be more present at home and out. I don’t need to check my phone every other minute. It’s just a bad habit and it’s distracting and ugly. I will only blog and do other necessities online when I’ve set myself time for it. My problem is not being in front of a screen too much. It’s simply wasting a lot of time checking my emails and other things even though I know I don’t have the time to answer them right there at that specific time. I’m simply annoyed at myself, and that’s something I know I’m able to change if I so decide.

On top of  doing a screen time intervention on myself, I’m going to floss like never before and maybe I could try to cut down on my chocolate intake just a bit. Just a suggestion, not a resolution ;).

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Other than that I want to wish you all a great evening. New years eve can be so special. I wish I could dress up in something amazingly beautiful, but I’m way to tired to squeeze myself into anything but leggings, which is why I think I’ll spend the night at home with my little one.

Happy new year 2016!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

coat vintage// shirt hm//maternity jeans hm// bag dolce & gabbana// sunglasses ray ban 

Pictures by Dora Dalila




  • Natali

    Great words and resolutions, I might take some pointers from you too. :)
    I might cut down just a bit on my enormous sushi craving like every day – all day as well as the amount of time spent in front of the screen and not being enough present in the moment.
    I wish you an amazing 2016, I know that there’s so much to look forward to and I’m wishing you all of the best things to come and less best ones to pass you by. :*

  • Meredith

    Dear Sofia I wanna wish you Happy New Year and thank you for this great blog and taking us readers with you this year. What a year it has been. This blog has change so much this year and my option that big reason is you collaboration with Dora and now with Janita. The photos are incredibly and the outfits are so inspiring and as I have mention before this blog always has such a good vibe which makes me always happy and puts me on good mood. I hope you keep up this blog <3

  • Sienna

    Olisiko mahdollista ensi vuonna lisätä asujen lisäksi loppuun lokaatiot, joissa kuvat on otettu. Tänä vuonna olen useamman kerran ihaillut, että missä mitkäkin kuvat ovat otettu, vaikka asunkin itse myös Helsingissä:)

  • Sienna

    Onko sinulla kokemusta Chanelin hehkupuuterista tai Chanelin Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Meikkivoiteesta?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Valitettavasti ei ole ainakaan muistaakseni kokemusta. Varmasti on käytetty kuvauksissa, mutta en ole kiinnittänyt huomiota niihin.

  • Meredith

    I always admire your lips. Are you wearing just lip balm in these photos?

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