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Beauty,Health,22 June 2020

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Oslo Skin Lab kanssa// Paid collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab

Every now and then someone asks me which supplements I use. First, I thought it was a random question, but then I realized it’s actually quite interesting. There are so many supplements out there and I’m sure everyone’s daily doses look somewhat different. I take D-vitamin, and multivitamin. Sometimes I take biotin, calcium or iron, but only in shorter periods. I usually always include also one beautifying supplement, but to be completely honest most of them taste like poop, therefore I’m not motivated enough to take them continuously ;).

Maybe you’ve already stumbled upon Oslo Skin lab, The solution? I heard about it a year ago and now it’s been quite visible on social media. So why collagen? As you know, our skin is our largest organ and 80% of the weight of our skin is collagen. After 25, the collagen in our skin decreases with 1-2%, which means that our skin becomes less firm, loses elasticity and we get more visible lines, cellulite and lose skin. That’s life, and I actually love getting older and getting more wrinkles :D. However, I would love for my skin to stay smooth and firm which is something I’ve already seen a change in, especially after becoming a mum.

I believe that beauty comes from within, but if we want to enhance our outer beauty and preserve it, I believe there’s only one way – a continuous routine! Whether it’s your skin care routine, sleep, nutrition, hydration or supplements. Making it be a part of your lifestyle is the only way it will work.

The scientific tests show that this supplement reduces visible signs of aging, firms’ skin, decreases the depth of wrinkles (up to 20% only in 8 weeks) and reduces cellulite.

I’ve now taken this supplement for almost 8 weeks and love that I’ve found a supplement that is completely taste-free and easy to use. I mix it with a big glass of water every morning, but you can mix it with anything or sprinkle it on top of your yoghurt, oatmeal or smoothie. Whatever floats your boat really ;). It’s super easy, therefore it’s easy to make a new habit.

If you’re interested, you now get 60% off (price 22,80€) your first package with my code SOFIA or just by shopping via this link! You also get 30% off (price 39,80€) if you want to order more than one. One package includes 28 doses (1 dose/ day).

Have you tried it already? If you have, I’d love to hear what you think!

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