Beach hair

Fashion,Outfit,26 July 2018

This is how I want to spend my days. Preferably naked, but a bikini and cover-up works great too. I’ve been rocking this easy and natural hair style for a while now and really come to love it. Easy beach waves with just a touch of salt water spray after randomly working it through with a flat iron. I bend a little here and there to make it look naturally messy but super durable at the same time.

We’re back at the cottage (again) and enjoying every second. My anxiety is still doing ok, but slowly growing little by little when I think of school and daycare. It’s like a tiny little crumb growing into a little ball in my chest. I think we’ll never get completely used to it. Being away from each other gives me heart ache, but at the same time, I know it’s necessary to return to reality after living in this daydream for months. How are you doing?

kaftan and bikini kappahl// shoes hermes

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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