Why I exercise?

Health,17 March 2018

Just came back from my third yoga class this week. Today was challenging. My mind played tricks with me- making me lose focus. My body feels relaxed but tired and I’m going to spend the rest of my day doing something totally different… I need to balance myself out from this yogi bubble. Maybe pizza and staying up late watching tv?

Did any of you follow my old blog were my main focus was health? As I am a licensed personal trainer, nutrition specialist and health coach well-being plays a very important role in my life, but has been put in the shadow for a while. Everything else has come first, which is natural I guess. Not that I’ve neglected my health, it just hasn’t been as much of a routine as before. Not as tangible and concrete. Anyhow, I try to follow my instinct and that’s what I don’t want to lose. I want to feel good both physically and also my thoughts about my body. Feeling like myself without having to think more or less about my body is what I always work towards. Although, acceptance and gratitude is all I require. No unrealistic ideas about having to love every inch of my body. That itself puts pressure. Working out in any form is my way to forget about everything else and give myself time to feel my body. This time is extremely precious and helps me find focus, strength and perspective. What are the reasons you exercise?

Pictures by Vilma P.

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