Bad Hair Day Savior

Beauty,hair,15 December 2015

Here is yet another tip for Christmas. Once I got familiar with the hair series from Balmain, I instantly thought it is the perfect gift to give away do to it’s simple and luxurious outlook. Obviously it’s not all about the look, which is why I was extra happy to figure out I really like the products, especially one in particular.

I belive in not washing your hair too often. I try to stick to twice per week myself, but that depends a lot on how much I work out, and if I work I obviously have to arrive to set with newly washed hair.


To extend the period between each wash I keep my hair feeling fresh and fluffy with the help of dry shampoo. Love dry shampoo’s, but there are enormous differences between the products on the market. I want one that adds texture and airiness without making my hair feel sticky, dirty and the spray has to be color free. A spray that feels too powdery makes my hair looking matt and grey, which unfortunately is quite common for many brands that provide dry shampoo’s.

This dry shampoo from Balmain is really great and a true savior for bad hair day mornings. I use it more to add airiness than to “clean”, therefore it’s light texture suits me perfectly. To be honest, I don’t know if any dry shampoo is optimal for greasy hair, but it’s a product I highly recommend for styling purpose. I also use it in newly washed hair to add volume. The whole series from Balmain is beautiful and good, so I highly recommend checking it out if you want to find something nice to wrap up. Finally a shampoo and conditioner that might as well be part of the interior decor.



Pictures by Janita Autio

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