bad girl

Fashion,Outfit,28 March 2017

Lace, ripped mini length denim, fishnets, red lips and patent leather. Well hello there! Combining all of these elements in one outfit is quite bold, but I’m blaming it on Paris. Paris made me do it! Inner bad girl coming out every now and then is always welcome, no?

This outfit with a hint of inspiration from the Moulin Rouge is something I’d wear out for dinner or why not even lunch?! I love love love that the fishnets are back and finally taken seriously. Great option over neutral colored panty house and super flattering for the legs. Great variety for us who live in a colder climate where tights is a must most of the time. Also cute as ankle socks peeking out under cropped trousers. So, thank you dear fashion God/Goddess for giving fishnets a fear chance again. Amen.

svante_gullichsen-3764 svante_gullichsen-3678 svante_gullichsen-3594 svante_gullichsen-3547

top and skirt zara// shoes sarenza (gifted)// bag chanel

Pictures by Svante Gullichsen


  • cessi

    Hej! Varifrån har du köpt dina fisknäts strumpbyxor? :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hej! Hördu mina strumppisar är faktist mer än 20 år gamla, haha! Hittade dem i någon låda… Senast jag använde dom var när jag uppträdde som Geri i Spice girls i lågstadiet, men tror faktist de är Wolford?

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