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Outfit,6 March 2017

Dry streets, spring weather, Parisian cafes and restaurants, breathtaking buildings and the entire city breathing fashion week. Although I woke up hours and hours before I had to be anywhere with all the time in the world to get ready, it took me about 2 steps on the streets of Paris to bump into someone with a look so impeccable I wanted to run home and change. I had some amazing days living like a princess in a beautiful hotel, dining out, long conversations, finished thoughts, hot baths and sleeping full nights…

Cut to running from meeting to meeting with a teething baby and spending my evenings playing Frozen with red clip-on’s and waking up several times every night getting knocked out by a foot ;).

A little trip away from home did me good, but it feels so comfortable and good to put my feet back on the ground and return to perhaps a more unglamorous side of my life, but for sure the best. Paris you were gorgeous as usual and inspired me with all of your beautiful corners, people and elegance. More pictures from Paris coming up this week. Until then I’m gonna enjoy these beautiful sunny but crisp days wearing my best flea market find of the year, this raya acne cardigan. Bisous!

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cardigan acne// top zara// leather pants andiata// boots zara//bag & earrings chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio

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