A black box from chanel…

Fashion,15 October 2014

Hello! I’ve been really busy today and tonight it’s finally time for the legendary Elle style awards! I am eager to go but I have a very limited time schedule to get ready. Long gone are those days when I had time to spend hours pampering myself and getting ready for an event with my girl friends. Reality is that now a days when I  exit the door I find myself with chipped nail polish and a bag filled with diapers and Sophie the giraffe instead of chic accessories. My life has changed and I love it,  so I better just accept all the changes that comes with it<3.

What I really wanted to talk about today was my new addition to my chanel family that arrived today. I have waited for him for a while now and now  he’s finally here! Can anyone guess what’s hiding inside the box ;)? I swear I’ll show you very soon.




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