Fashion,8 May 2020

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After a well needed break, I’ve decided to slowly allow my writing routine to make a shy comeback. What do you guys think, do we still like to read blogs? My own social media consumption has now more than ever gotten a new meaning and routine. After my evening walks, I love to calm down in front of a couple of my favorite blogs and youtube channels, so why not offer the same possibility myself  ;)?

What else have I been up to? I’ve been working quite a lot, which I’m very thankful for concidering these times. First I was quite scared to be honest and felt like everything just froze for who knows how long. Many projects got cancelled or put on hold and that of course made me feel insecure about the upcoming weeks and months (and even years). Luckily things turned out ok. This way of working suits me quite well actually, because I don’t have to put so many weekly hours on meetigs or going places. I get a lot more done actually.

I’ve also started to workout a little. I walk every night and now I’ve started to do some small HIIT circuits. I feel connected with my muscles again, which feels interesting and nostalgic, hehe. Can you believ I’m actually a personal trainer? Feels like a different life, which I guess it also was.

We’ve spent all our time as a family and most of our daily hours outdoors. Spending this much time with the kids has defenitely been special and the one good thing this terrible situation has given our family.  We’ve decided not to put our children back in daycare, therefore we are kind of on our summer holiday now!

Luckily, we have our new home to work on as well. Maybe that will keep us busy enough this summer, if we can’t spend as much time at the summer house as usually. Now things are FINALLY starting to get rollin, so soon you’ll be able to follow me through the struggle of decicion making here on the blog, since I’m thinking this will be a nice platform for me to update on. Or what do you prefer?

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  • Diorissimo

    Dear Sofia, thanks for this post, it’s nice to see you back!
    Let me stress that your blog is really -I mean really – the best you can find in the Finnish blogosphere. Or even in many other places…
    I am a 52-years old Finnish lady living abroad since ages, a hardcore fashionista knowing my way around this kind of stuff. So it is with some kind of authority that I can say i am always amazed to see the quality of your photos and your style….! Waiting to see also the some glimpses of your new house,.and us readers we’ll be happy to help you with your decision-making around different home decor choices….;)
    All the best to you and your family

    • Sofia Ruutu


      Thank you so much for your kind and very motivational feedback and kind words. Every comment here means the world to me, because what I love the most is to continue discussing with you here in the comment field! Ah, you know what!? I have an obsession with more mature women within the fashion scene. Nothing is as inspiring as someone who has found what works for her and carries it with confident! I’m sure you rock your style so well!!!

      We are getting closer to that decision making phase of it all. Now the floor plan looks good and we’re about to proceed with that. Then comes the creative side of the project! The one I enjoy the most!

      I will for sure keep you all updated!

      Take care and stay well <3

  • Eveliina

    Hei Sofia! Olipa ihanaa, kun sinulta oli tullut uusi postaus. Rakastan blogiasi ja tyyliäsi. Sinun instagram-sisältösi on myös aivan ihanaa. Kiitos siis äärimmäisen piristävästä sisällöstä. <3 Osaatko sanoa, että mikä on aurinkolasien täsmällinen malli? Olen yrittänyt etsiä juuri noita ihan hulluna, mutta todella haastavaa yrittää nettisivujen kuvista hahmottaa, mitkä olisivat juuri nuo lasit.
    Oikein ihanaa ja kaunista äitienpäivää sinulle!

  • Eeva

    Aivan mielettömän upeita kuvia. Ihana valo ja koko look. <3 Tottakai toivon että saan lukea lemppari-blogiani jatkossakin!

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