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interior,1 April 2018

When I got these fun antique palm tree inspired lamps for our bedroom I decided to give our entire bedroom a facelift. I got wild and chose these nature themed sheets along with these cozy grey pillows and blanket. The entire bedding is from Gant and I’m surprised over how much a little pattern and color can do! It doesn’t require much to get a completely new and fresh impression at home, therefore I wanted to show you in case you’re in need of an easy pick me up at home too!?

I also made my office space a little bit nicer since my daughter needs more peace and quiet for her arts and crafts. These posters from Desenio instantly made it more inviting and inspiring for both of us.

Those of you who follow my Instagram Stories might already know that my dear friend and photographer Juuli made me this torso. It was my 30th birthday present and it has come to be one of the most precious pieces of art I own. I think it suits our style perfectly and it feels very meaningful to me. In case you happen to have talented artists and friends around you I highly recommend asking them if perhaps you could get/buy a piece to bring home. I love it when art feels personal and meaningful. That’s the whole purpose I think. 

A little tip is to put a leaf or two in water instead of flowers. They last forever and bring freshness and a bit of contrast to any space. Very easy, inexpensive and beautiful :).


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