The potterybarn

interior,Lifestyle,29 March 2022

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Cigale & Fourmi :n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Cigale & Fourmi

Perhaps you remember my last visit to the world of pottery? I visited the showroom of Cigale & Fourmi located in Espoo to get inspired for the interior of our new home. I want my love for nature to be a central part of my new home. It adds life to any space, gives an impression of freshness and is of course also beautiful to look at. Large plants need large pots, which led my way to Cigael & Fourmi, offering the most beautiful, exclusively sourced pots on the market.


Tutustuin viime syksynä Cigale & Fourmi brändiin ja yritykseen. Cigale & Fourmi on perheyritys, joka on tunnettu Hankoon lifestyle liikkeestä ja kauniista ruukuista. Heidän ruukkujansa näkyy aika monessa paikassa Helsingissä, sekä hotelli ja ravintoloissa että yksityisissä tiloissa.

Cigale & Fourmi is a family-owned business valuing tradition, nature, design and beauty. They offer hand picked pottery both for the garden as well as the indoor, being specialized in large pots.  My first pot that I planted a Ficus Elastica in is suitable for the outdoors, but since I fell in love with the minimalistic and beautiful design, we made it work for the indoor. Cigale & Fourmi also offers personal plant planning for a specific place and offer everything you need from planting to plant maintenance. I love my beautiful pot that you can take a closer look at here, and I can’t wait to shop for more after we’ve moved in.


Kävin viime viikolla tutustumassa eksklusiiviseen ja maailmalta tarkoin valikoituun ruukkuvalikoimaan Espoossa sijaitsevassa showroomilla. Showroomista löytyy runsaasti ruukkuja sekä ulko- että sisätarkoitukseen monessa eri koossa. Viime syksynä, hankin pian valmistuvaan uuteen kotiimme kauniin ison ruukun, jossa nyt asuu tämä 210 cm korkea viikunapuu Ficus Elastica.

Cigale & Fourmi showroom is located in Espoo and is open to visit by appointment.  Book an appointment here (scroll down).

Cigale & Fourmi also have a lifestyle shop located in Hankoo, known for its captivating atmosphere, offering everyday essentials but aesthetically pleasing for the garden, beach and home. Visit the web-shop here.


Cigale & Fourmi tarjoaa myös räätälöityä kasvisuunnittelua, jossa suunnitellaan asiakkaalle sopivat kasvit yhdistettynä ruukkuihin. Heidän kautta onnistuu myös kasvien istutus ja asennus ruukkuihin.

 Suosittelen lämpimästi käyntiä Cigale & Fourmi showroomilla. Voitte helposti tutustua brändiin ja varata ajan täältä (skrollaa alas asti).


9 to 5 bags that I love

Fashion,24 March 2022

Hi darlings! A while back, someone asked me to present my favorite bags for work and I promised to deliver. Therefore, here I have collected for you a collage with some bags that I love. I’ve loved the Little Liffner Tulip bag for ages, but since I already have a few of these bags I think I need to hold back a bit. At least for a while ;). Do you have a favorite?


  1. ivory bag // 2. black textured bag// 3. braided bag// 4. brown croc bag//5.  black soft bag// 6. structured bag with gold//

7. soft shopper