The Holiday Collection

Fashion,18 November 2020

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Gauhar Helsinki:n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Gauhar Helsinki

It’s finally time to reveal what I’ve been working on for the past 6 months. I’ve designed a Holiday Collection for Gauhar Helsinki! I’m beyond excited, happy and very nervous, to be honest. I really hope you like the collection as much as I do.

The Holiday Collection consists of three pieces, SOFIA dress, GRETA dress and GABRIEL shirt. I wanted to create matching pieces for me and my children to wear, both during the holidays but also for everyday life. Especially when it comes to children’s wear, I think it’s very important for the clothes to be easy to wear and layer, comfortable to move in and that they are wearable every season until they’re grown out. All pieces are made from a beautiful forest green Tencel and subtle checked cotton. GRETA dress has a minimalistic design with a beautiful frill detailing at the neckline and arm. GABRIEL shirt is a classic Mandarin-neckline cotton shirt that feels comfortable against the skin and is easy to style under a wool sweater or velvet blazer.

SOFIA dress is a midi dress with a wider hem and adjustable enhanced waist. It’s made out of Tencel and falls beautifully along the body. I’ve secretly worn mine paired with a chunky cardigan or over a turtleneck and tall boots. For more festive occasions I’ll be wearing mine with my classic Chanel sling-back shoes and gold jewelry.

The collection will be released in store and online on Friday at 11.00 ó clock. See the collection here!

I am so incredibly thankful for all the things I’ve got to take part in this year. Things I never thought would happen, but now find myself in the middle of. I feel humble and simply and purely HAPPY to always feel like I have your trust and support. Thank you for that!

On my wishlist

Fashion,15 November 2020

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö KARAAT Jewelry :n kanssa// Paid collaboration with KARAAT Jewelry

Good Sunday loves! Today, I want to talk a bit more about my new everyday jewelry that I’m sure you’ve spotted me wearing lately. This past summer and fall I’ve been collaborating with KARAAT Jewelry. A Finnish jewelry brand with beautifully minimalistic and dainty pieces I stumbled upon this summer. I’ve always been fond of jewelry that become one with the person that wears them, therefore I instantly felt a big urge to invest in a couple of pieces for myself. Now they feel like I was born with them ;).

KARAAT Jewelry was founded by a Finnish couple who learned about the diamond industry and decided to create luxury for the everyday – responsibly and sustainably. The jewelry is designed in Finland and hand crafted in Italy, made of 18K gold and laboratory made diamonds.

How does laboratory created diamonds differ from traditionally mined diamonds? Laboratory made diamonds are less conflicted, more environmentally friendly and does not harm the soil or pollute the water or air like traditionally mined diamonds do. Laboratory made diamonds are also less expensive, but exactly as high in quality. They are just as beautiful and luxurious to wear, but with a good conscious!

It’s quite obvious to say, I didn’t just spontaneously purchase diamond jewelry just like that. Instead I familiarized myself with the brand, tried on different pieces and contemplated for a couple of months. Actually, I fell in love with another piece first, but after some time I realized I’d get much more use of these super simple but oh so gorgeous pieces instead. So, which pieces did I get? I purchased the Diamond Bezel Necklace and the Medium Diamond Stud earrings. I absolutely love them and couldn’t be happier with my investments. These pieces make me feel more like myself every morning and completes my everyday outfits as well as my special occasion looks.

Next on my wish list is this perfectly sparkly Tennis Bracelet and Pavé Diamant Hoops.

I’ve loved to see that you’ve seemed to appreciate this collaboration partner of mine as much as I do. Probably never seen my posts and stories been shared as much as these. Especially the engagement ring collection ;). Also, my friends wanted to come over to model and try on the rings when I had them here for loan. Keep hinting girls! I’m proud of you!

Many of you also asked me about the possibility to see and try on the jewelry live. Unfortunately, KARAAT don’t have a physical shop since they are a very young brand, but please contact KARAAT here and they will be happy to help you.

Notice that KARAAT also make jewelry by order so that all of us have the possibility to find something that feels like the perfect fit, just for you.Olettekin ehkä jo huomanneet nämä kauniit timanttikorut Instagramin puolella? Olen onnellinen tästä yhteistyökumppanistani KARAAT Jewlery:n kanssa, sillä ihastuin brändin kauniisiin koruihin alkukesästä. Ilahduin paljon, kun opin, että brändi on suomalainen ja käyttää laboratoriossa tuotettuja timantteja, joka on paljon eettisempi ja ympäristöystävällisempi vaihtoehto kuin perinteisesti louhitut timantit.

Laboratoriossa tuotetut timantit ovat laadultaan ja ulkonäöltään samanlaisia kuin perinteisesti louhitut timantit, mutta eivät saastuta vettä, ilmaa eikä tee haittaa maaperälle. Laboratoriossa tuotetut timantit ovat myös edullisempia hinnaltaan, vaikka eivät eroa ominaisuudeltaan perinteistä timanteista. Lisää voitte lukea tästä!


Pictures by Juuli Rönkä